Quiénes somos | Sanvesi Organic. Frutos secos ecológicos
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About Us

Sanvesi offers healthy, natural and organic snacks, made from nuts, dried fruits and seeds.>Our flagship product is the mix of nuts, seeds and fruits, 100% natural and organic to take away from home, in practical single dose tubes. They provide advantages for every moment of the day such as energy, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, to maintain the metabolism.


We are always looking for new flavours and formats of snacks: easy-to-carry containers and formats, to be consumed at any time of the day and in any place.


Helathy Snacks On the Go! in tube format of 30 grs. Choose your favourite healthy snack depending on the time of day. All products are organic, without added salt or sugar.


Organic nuts that improve our health, enrich the diet with attractive flavours, in a reusable, comfortable and sustainable container.


Thanks to our team of expert nutritionists, our single doses carry the recommended daily intake of nutrients. This way it will be easy to take it, and take the recommended amount every day. We present it in a light package, easy and convenient to transport and consume.


Every day you can take the amount of nuts that your body needs, providing energy, nutrients and above all good taste!

We are currently working on the development of new biodegradable and sustainable packaging and new products and formats.


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We develop new products and formats, suitable for modern life and the needs of consumers.


Involved with the people around us, counting on them at all times, and respecting the environment.


We favour a healthy lifestyle with organic, delicious, nutritious and 100% natural products.